Orthodontic Organizations committed to postgraduate teaching

  • European Orthodontic Society (EOS)
    The EOS aims to advance all aspects of orthodontics and its relations with the collateral arts and sciences for the public benefit. It seeks the furtherance of orthodontics amongst all branches of the dental profession working in private practice, hospitals and universities throughout Europe. It brings together each year at an annual congress orthodontists from all over the world.

  • European Federation of Orthodontic Specialist Associations (EFOSA)
    EFOSA represents, as an umbrella organization, all the national societies of Professional Orthodontist Associations in Europe and helps within Europe to defend the specialty of orthodontics in the largest possible meaning.

  • European Orthodontic Teachers’ Forum (EOTF)
    The EOTF was established in 2006 as an open forum for all universities and institutes providing orthodontic education in Europe. Its main purpose is to provide a Forum for educators to meet each other to exchange information, opinions, and ideas on undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research in orthodontics. The EOTF meeting is organized each year by the Council of NEBEOP in connection with the Annual Congress of the European Orthodontic Society which provides the meeting facilities. Participation is free for orthodontic educators after preregistration through the congress website of the EOS. The agenda and minutes of the EOTF are published on the website of the EOS, see tab Useful Links, Teachers’ Forum.

  • European Postgraduate Student’s Orthodontic Society (EPSOS)
    EPSOS was founded in 2006 as the official society for European postgraduate students in orthodontics. The EPSOS has members from all over Europe and friends from all over the world. Its aims are: promote a high level of training of orthodontic specialists in Europe, establish relations and interactions with professional and academic authorities and associations in the field of orthodontics, and encourage interaction among postgraduate students.

  • Society of Educators of the AAO (SOE)
    Organized in 2013, the AAO’s Society of Educators is a formal and official committee of the AAO Council on Education (COE) and provides a forum for all orthodontic educators in the US and Canada to set the agenda by participating in the process of solving the challenges of orthodontic education and creating foundations for the future of the specialty.