The application process – provisional membership

    Applicants must be eligible for membership in accordance with the requirements set forth in Chapter II, Section II.1 of the Bylaws (see also section ‘’General eligibility for membership’’ above).
  • An applicant for provisional membership must complete a self-assessment form (  Appendix 1) proving that the programme broadly fulfills the requirements for membership. Two full members should serve as sponsors (guarantor) to the application.
  • The request is submitted to the Secretary of NEBEOP before April 1st prior to the NEBEOP Annual Meeting.

The application process – full membership

  • Provisional members, who have held membership for at least two years and no more than five years, should apply for full membership.
  • The application for full membership must be made in writing to the NEBEOP Board.
  • The application comprises a signed application letter (  Appendix 2a) and an extensive self-assessment of the programme (  Appendix 2b).
  • During a site visit, the programme is evaluated by two external assessors, assigned and approved by the NEBEOP Board. The assessors meet the programme director, members of the staff and the graduate students. They also inspect the clinics, the research facilities and other infrastructure as well as exploring the organization and running of the programme (  Appendix 3).
  • The two assessors submit a final report to the NEBEOP Board.
  • The NEBEOP Board decides with a majority vote and reports the decision to the NEBEOP General Assembly Meeting.

Loss of membership

Provisional members lose their membership after five years, and full members after seven years, unless they are engaged in the assessment procedure or re-assessment procedure, respectively. An institution may choose to lose membership, which requires a written resignation to the Secretary.


The application for provisional membership is free of charge.

The fee for the application for full membership amounts 4000 Euro (since June 2015). The fee should be paid by the host institute to the two assessors (each 2000 Euro) after the site visit. The fee covers hotel and travel expenses of the assessors and a small honorarium.